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Nutcracker Dress Rehearsal

​Nutcracker MANDATORY Dress Rehearsal
Saturday, December 9, 2017 , Roberts Auditorium, Rhode Island College

Dress Rehearsal is mandatory. If your dancer cannot attend Dress Rehearsal, they cannot perform in the show.

 The Nutcracker Dress Rehearsal is a staging of our show with many technical, lighting and theatrical elements that require much attention and time.  The director and technicians require focus and silence in the theater to create our story.  We require your absolute cooperation for the safety of our dancers and success of our show.
Recreational Dancers:
1.  Get ready at home.  Put on your pink tights, camisole, makeup, hair in a bun.  (Ballet 2- black leotard, pink tights, no camisole)  Bring your ballet slippers!  *no earrings, no underwear, no tattoos, no nail polish, no jewelry, no snacks. SEE END OF PAGE FOR SPECIFICS

2.  ONE Parent may attend per dancer.  This parent will be provided with a bracelet from the studio that must be worn and shown upon entering the theater and picking up their children.  Additional non-dancing siblings or family are not permitted.
3.  Parent and dancer should arrive in the Roberts Auditorium Lobby 15 minutes before your start time.  Allow time for traffic, parking and inclement weather. Put on ballet slippers, leave bags or personal belongings with parent.  No snacks or drinks in the audience.
3.  Parent will bring your dancer to the LITTLE THEATER (Dressing Room) Door.  Parent may not enter the Dressing Room.  Staff members will put costumes on dancers and keep them backstage until it is time for them to rehearse.
4.  Parent will sit in the audience, and wait to see your dancer on stage!  Take photos and video at this time! Please stay quiet.
5.  After your dancer has finished their routine, go to the side stage hallway to pick them up!   Dancers and their parent may not re-enter the auditorium. Staff will remove their costumes, and meet you in the hallway.  Do not go to the dressing room.  You will not take costumes home.  If you have a second dancer who has rehearsal, you may re-enter with your dancer who has finished.
*Arrive 15 minutes before your start time!*

8:45am                Clara, Clara’s Friends, Party Girls, Boys, Guests, Drosselmyer, Maids, Ballerina Doll, Soldier Doll, Rag Doll
8:45am                Cranston Dolls
9:15am                Warwick Dolls 
10:15am              Growing Tree, Nutcracker, Mice & Soldiers, Clara
                             Cranston Mice, Cranston Reindeer, Cranston Snowflakes, Snow Queen, Snow Corps
10:45am              Company Mice & Soldiers, Clara
                             Warwick Mice, Warwick Reindeer, Warwick Snowflakes, Greenville Snowflakes, Snow Queen, Snow Corps
11:15am              Warwick Ginger Cookies                           
11:30am              Cranston Ginger Cookies
12:30pm              12:00 SHOW
                             Cranston Angels & Angel Attendants
                             Spanish Leads & Cranston & Greenville Spanish Attendants      
                             Chinese Leads, Chinese Dragon Attendants & Greenville & Cranston Chinese Attendants
                             Mirlitons & Cranston & Greenville Lambs
                             Greenville Gumdrops
                             Cranston Flowers
1:15pm                Company Finale PW, Rhy, Junior, Senior
2:00pm                3:00 SHOW
                             Warwick Angels & Angel Attendants
                             Sugar Plum Attendants
                             Spanish Leads & Warwick Spanish Attendants 
                             Chinese Leads, Chinese Dragon Attendants & Warwick Chinese Attendants
                             Mirlitons & Warwick Lambs
                             Sugar Plum Princess
                             Arabian Lead & Arabian Attendants
2:30pm                Warwick Gumdrops
                             Waltz of the Flowers & Warwick Flowers
                             Candy Canes
                             Sugar Plum Fairy

DANCERS ARRIVE IN:  (per dance wear requirements)
  • Pre-School, Primary: skin tone spaghetti strap camisole, Capezio ballet pink transition tights, So Danca full sole pink ballet slippers
  • Ballet 1: skin tone spaghetti strap camisole, Capezio ballet pink transition tights, So Danca split sole ballet slippers
  • Ballet 2: Capezio long sleeve solid black nylon leotard (134C), Capezio ballet pink transition tights, So Danca split-sole ballet slippers
MAKEUP:  Stage Makeup-black mascara, brown eye shadow, blush, red lipstick. 
Due to the bright lights on stage, dancers need a little makeup!  Without makeup, the dancer’s features can be washed out on the big stage!
  • Underwear: Tights are considered an undergarment, underwear is not needed!
  • Jewelry:  If a dancer arrives with earrings, a staff member will have to remove them. 
  • PLEASE remove earrings at home so the dancer does not get upset and the earrings do not get lost!  If earrings cannot be taken off, please cover them with a piece of band aid before arrival!
  • Temporary tattoos, colored hair dye, hair beads, nail polish SHINY TIGHTS OR PANTYHOSE. 
  • Dancers must wear the tights stated under the dance wear requirements for the studio.  
  • If your dancer arrives with any of these items, a staff member will remove them.  CDDS and RIC are not responsible for lost or stolen items.