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Picture Day

We are happy to announce that DONNER Photographic Inc.
will be back at CDDS to photograph our dancers!  Individual Photos AND Group Photos!

Picture Days are:
Friday, May 5, 2017-Greenville Studio
Sunday, May 7, 2017-Cranston Studio
Friday, May 19, 2017-Warwick Monday Classes, Warwick Wednesday Lvl 3/4, Prep-Jr Company Dancers
Sunday, May 21, 2017-Warwick Studio Wednesday(except Lvl 3/4) & Saturday Classes, Senior Company

​​Picture Day Appointments are not mandatory.
It is a service we offer our clients.
If you will not participate in picture day, please let the office know.
​Greenville Picture Day Schedule-Friday, May 5
3:30 Tuesday Pre-School Rise and Shine-lavender
3:55 Wednesday Primary We Know the Way-red
4:20 Saturday Mommy & Me You are the Sunshine-green
4:45 Saturday Pre-School Sea Cruise-white
5:35 Tuesday Ballet 1 Reflections-purple
6:05 Saturday Primary Vogue-hot pink
6:50 Saturday Ballet 1 Reflections-purple
7:35 Thursday Ballet 2 Lost Boy-mint
8:05 Wednesday Lyrical Rise Up-blue
Greenville Accessory 2017 - Accessory.pdf
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​​Greenville and Cranston Clients in the Recital:
Greenville and Cranston dancers have one assigned costume for Picture Day.
If time and schedule allows, dancers may be able take a second individual photo in another costume.  
To be determined by staff at picture day!
Cranston Picture Day Schedule-Sunday, May 7
9:30 Saturday Mommy & Me You are the Sunshine-green
9:45 Saturday 9:30 Pre-School Rise and Shine-lavender
10:15 Saturday 9:30 Primary We Know the Way-red
10:35 Saturday 10:30 Pre School Living in a Rainbow-silver
11:05 Saturday Ballet 1 Reflections-purple
11:30 Saturday 11:15 Primary Vogue-hot pink
11:50 Saturday Acro Jump-green
12:10 Tuesday Mommy and Me You are the Sunshine-green
12:30 Tuesday Pre-School Sea Cruise-white
1:00 Wednesday Primary Shine on Your Shoes-black
1:25 Wednesday Pre-School Sea Cruise-white
1:50 Tuesday and Saturday Pre-School Don't Wake Me Up-lavender
2:10 Ballet 1 & 2 Lost Boy-mint
2:35 Lyrical 3/4 Rise Up-blue
Cranston Accessory 2017 - Cranston Accessory List.pdf
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Warwick Picture Day Schedule-Friday, May 19
picture time: class, dance, costume color
3:45: Monday Mommy & Me, Thank Heaven, red
4:00: Monday Pre-School, Rise and Shine, lavender
4:20: Monday Primary, Vogue, hot pink
4:30: Monday Pre-School, Twist, green
4:45: Monday Primary, How Far I'll Go, mint
5:00: Prep Ballet, Home, white
5:15: PW Lyrical, Better, blue
5:30: Monday, Acro 6-11, Jump, green
5:45: Prep Tap, Royals, red
5:55: PW Tap, You Should Be Dancing, multi
6:10: Monday, Hip Hop 7-11, Don't Wake Me Up, lavender
6:25: Wednesday, Lyrical 3/4, Rise Up, blue
6:40: Rhy Lyrical, Corner, Orange
6:50: Wednesday, Jazz 3/4, Hand Clap, turquoise
7:00: Make Up
7:05: Jr Contemp, Turn to Stone, black
7:15: Rhy Jazz, Diamonds, Red
7:30: Rhy Specialty, The Climb, blue
7:45: Jr Tap, Don't Mean a Thing, pink
Warwick Accessory 2017 - Warwick Accessory List_1.pdf
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Warwick Picture Day Schedule-Sunday, May 21
picture time: class, dance, costume color
9:30: Saturday 8:45 Mommy & Me, You are the Sunshine, green
9:35: Saturday 9:30 Pre-School Sea, Cruise, white
9:55: Saturday 9:30 Primary, Do You Love Me, lavender
10:05: Saturday 9:30 Pre-School, Bippity Boppity, blue
10:20: Saturday 9:30 Primary, We Know the Way, red
10:30: Saturday Ballet 1, Reflections, purple
10:45: Saturday 10:30 Pre-School, Rise & Shine, lavender
11:00: Saturday Tap 1, September, mint
11:15: Saturday 10:30 Pre-School, Twist, green
11:25: Saturday 11:30 Primary, Vogue, hot pink
11:45: Saturday Ballet 2, Lost Boy, mint
11:55: Saturday 11:30 Primary, How Far I'll Go, mint
12:10: Saturday Jazz 2, You Can't Stop, pink
12:20: Saturday Acro 5-9 Alley Cat brown
12:35: Wednesday Pre-School, Rise & Shine, lavender
12:45: Saturday Hip Hop 6-9, Me Myself & I, lavender
1:00: Wednesday Pre-School, Twist, green
1:10: Wednesday Primary, Do You Love Me, lavender
1:20: Saturday Acro Beg Int, Once Upon a Time, green
1:35: Wednesday Primary, We Know the Way, red
1:45: Wednesday Ballet 1, Reflections, purple
2:00: Wednesday Ballet 2, Lost Boy, mint
2:15: Wednesday Acro, Alley Cat, brown
2:25: Wednesday Tap 1, September, mint
2:40: Senior Tap, Latin, red
2:50: Wednesday Jazz 2, You Can't Stop the Beat, hot pink
3:00: Make Up
3:05: Senior Jazz, City Rhythm, Black
3:15: Senior Contemp, Look Up, green
3:25: Senior Contemp, Turn to Stone, black
3:30: Senior Specialty, multi
  • Dancers should arrive in their costume listed on their appointment flier.  
  • Hair and makeup should be done as specified.
  • No earrings, jewelry, nail polish, underwear, temporary tattoos.
  • If a dancer arrives with any of the above, you will be asked to remove them before taking their photo.  
  • Dancers must have proper accessories, tights and shoes.  All dancers must have the same look for their group photo.
  • We strive to uphold the integrity and artistic vision at the studio. These photos represent the studio and we ask that you adhere to our policies.
  • Class photos and individual photos will be taken.
  • After your class and individual photos are complete, sibling photos can be taken.  Let a staff member know on picture day.  ONE sibling photo may be taken.
  • Parents are not allowed in the studio while photos are taken.  Parents will wait in the lobby with the dancer's belongings and any additional costumes.
  • Once your photos are finished, please leave the studio, as we have a tight schedule!
​Helpful information for Picture Day
Nailpolish, underwear, temporary tattoos, earrings and any other jewelry should not be worn while in costume.
Items on the accessory list are current items on our dance wear requirement for classes, unless starred
Mommy and Me: pulled away from face
Pre-School, Primary, Level 1, Level 2 Dancers: bun in the middle of the back of your head
Level 3/4: TBA in class
Where to purchase items:
Competitor’s Closet, 3055 West Shore Road, Warwick RI, 401-737-7447
LaBrie Dance, 375 Putnam Pike, Smithfield, RI 02917, 401-232-2266

Camisoles (Pre-School, Primary, Level 1, 2, 3/4)
Camisoles are for the comfort of the dancers when changing backstage at Dress Rehearsal and the Recital.
Camisoles should not be worn on Picture Day.
Camisoles are skin tone spaghetti strap leotards worn under costumes. 
Please choose a camisole that is close to your dancer’s skin tone. 
Camisoles should not be worn as leotards in class. 

If you have any questions, please see a staff member or email

​*Dancers who need light suntan AND pink tights for routines at Dress Rehearsal and Rectial:  Put on light suntan tights, and camisole over the light suntan tights.  Pink tights can be put over light suntan tights and camisole as needed.  Overlapping tights should not be worn for picture day.  Only the tight color listed.