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2017-2018  season Recitals are June 23-24, 2018.  Mandatory Dress Rehearsal is Saturday, June 9, 2018.

Roberts Hall, Rhode Island College
600 Mt. Pleasant Ave, Providence RI 02908
  • Our Annual Recitals are held in June.
  • Recitals are a wonderful opportunity for dancers to showcase what they have been working on throughout the year.
  • Performing on a big stage and bright lights encourages independence, confidence and poise in our students!
  • Participation in the recital is not mandatory. 
  • Please notify the office if your dancer will not participate in the Recital and we will adjust your account. 
  • We cannot predict show orders until February.
  • At least 6 students in a class are required to participate in the Recital. Classes with fewer than 6 may be combined with another class in the Recital.
  • Students and siblings that dance on multiple days may be in multiple Recitals.
  • We do our best to accommodate all families while upholding the artistic integrity of the performance.

​​​What NOT to Wear!
  • UNDERWEAR  Tights are considered an undergarment, underwear is not needed!
  • JEWELRY  If earrings cannot be taken off, please cover them with a piece of band aid before arrival! 
  • SHINY TIGHTS OR PANTYHOSE.  Dancers must wear the tights stated under the dancewear requirements for the studio.  If your child is in the wrong pair of tights, she will not be allowed on stage.
  • If your dancer arrives with any of these items, a staff member will remove them. CDDS/RIC are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
What to Bring
  • Please label your child’s name in everything!
  • Pack all costumes and accessories in a garment bag with your child’s name. 
  • Put all accessories for the costume in a Ziploc bag with the child’s name on it and hang it on the hanger with the costume.  Do the same for bobby pins, makeup, safety pins etc. 
  • CDDS Garment Bags are available for $35.00.
  • FOOD/DRINK: Parents may pack PLAIN animal crackers and water ONLY.  Any other snacks will not be permitted.  Pack comfortable clothes to change into after performance.  You may change your dancer after the show!
  • Dancer should arrive in their camisole, first costume, hair and makeup done. Camisoles are skin toned leotards that dancers wear underneath their costumes so they are fully clothed at all times backstage. 
  • You will be notified in class which costume to wear first (it will be posted online as well!)
  • Most headpieces go on the right hand side. Use alligator clips to secure headpieces.
  • Dancer should be brought to the lobby of Roberts Auditorium 30 minutes before the start of the show. NO EARLIER!  There are NO backstage monitors until 30 minutes prior.  A staff member will escort dancers to the dressing room.
  • Recreational Dancers Pre-School and up:  Hair should be in a NEAT and SECURE bun in the middle in the back of the head, unless otherwise specified. NO colored elastics or clips.  If your dancer needs help, there will be backstage moms to assist! 
  • Stage Makeup-black mascara, brown eyeshadow, blush, red lipstick.  Due to the bright lights on stage, dancers need a little makeup!  Without makeup, the dancer’s features can be washed out on the big stage!
  • All dancers will take one final bow at the end of the show in the PARADE OF DANCERS.  Dancers are not dismissed during the show.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy one final smile from your dancer in the Parade! 
  • Security…There will be ONE designated pickup parent who will be permitted to go backstage at the END OF THE SHOW.  Once the FINAL curtain is down, the ONE designated pickup parent will line up in the hallway. Leave siblings with family.  Security measures are in place for your child’s safety.