Company Miss Instructions
Rehearsals and events may come up any day, regardless of if it is a regular dance class day. We look at the calendar when planning rehearsals and do our best to accommodate everyone. Please submit ANY day you are not available throughout the entire year, including Summer.

Submitting a Company Miss Request– Company dancers make a commitment to hold Dance as a priority. We acknowledge life outside of dancing school. If you have family vacations or other important events (ex. father-daughter dance) let us know as soon as possible.  It helps us to plan rehearsals, choreography and performances. We do our best to work with you when we can and be fair while upholding the the Company Contract.

Submit Company Miss Requests for ALL dates your dancer is unavailable (including late arrivals/early dismissals), even on days they do not have regularly scheduled classes. Rehearsals/choreography may be scheduled on non-dance days.

No notification is too early, and AT LEAST two weeks in advance

We do our best to accommodate Company Miss Requests.  It is not guaranteed choreography/rehearsal/performances will not be scheduled on a day you submitted.

       1.  Email Subject: Company Miss, Dancer Name, Company Name
       2.  Write: Dancer name, Company name, dates and times you will be absent/unavailable and the reason why.
       3.  You will receive a reply confirming receipt of your e-mail.

*If you will be out due to illness or a last minute challenge, you must CALL the Main Office 401-737-6565.  
*Do NOT email day of absences as we cannot guarantee receipt in time.