Snacks & Sweets Dance For Art Fundraiser

Snacks and Sweets is an annual Dance For Art 501(c)3 Fundraiser! (DFA)
Dance for Art Inc 501c3 is a non-profit organization that provides performance opportunities for young dancers and promotes community service through dance.  DFA exclusively funds The CDDS Winter Performance and community events for ALL of our dancers. This includes costumes, backdrops, props, theater rental, and choreography fees. DFA has also provided numerous scholarships for dancers in financial need.
Orders due to CDDS by Saturday, October 14, 2023. Submit ONE CHECK or MONEY ORDER made payable to DFA with order form in an envelope. See form above.

DARK CHOCOLATE ALMONDS– Dark Chocolate (Sugar, Chocolate Liquor, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin (an emulsifier), Vanillin (artificial flavor), Polishing Compound (Water, Gum Arabic, Glucose & Granulated Sugar), Confectioners Glaze & Almonds (Cottonseed Oil).   K  Parve

CHOCOLATE PRETZELS– Chocolate (Sugar, Partially Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa Powder, Milk Powder, Chocolate Liquor, Soy Lecithin (an emulsifier) and Vanillin (artificial flavor)).  Pretzels (Wheat Flour, Corn Syrup, Salt, Vegetable Oil (may contain one or more of the following:  Corn, Canola, Cottonseed, Soybean), Sodium Bicarbonate, and Yeast). cRc Dairy

WHITE CHOCOLATE SNOWFLAKE PRETZELS– White Coating (Sugar, Partially Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Dry Whey (Milk), Artificial Color, Soy Lecithin (an emulsifier), Salt, Artificial Flavors), Pretzels (Enriched Wheat Flour, Salt, Corn Syrup, Vegetable Oil (may contain one or more of the following: Corn, Canola, Cottonseed, Soybean), Sodium Bicarbonate, Yeast) and Nonpareils (Sugar, Corn Starch, Confectioner’s Glaze and Carnauba Wax).

DARK CHOCOLATE NONPAREILS– Sugar, Chocolate Liquor, Cocoa Butter, Cornstarch, Soy Lecithin (an emulsifier), Vanillin (artificial flavor), Carnauba Wax.  K Parve



Mijou Peanuts (Sugar, Salt, Partially Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil with Lecithin, FD&C Red 40, Blue 2), Peanuts (Cottonseed Oil), Buttersscotch Chips (Sugar, Partially Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Sorbitan Monostearate (an emulsifier), Artificial Colors (FD&C Yellow 6, Aluminum Lake, Yellow 5 Aluminum Lake, Blue 2 Aluminum Lake), Vanillin (an artificial flavor), Salt and Soy Lecthin (an emulisifier)), Vanilla Chips (Sugar, Partially Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Whey, Nonfat Milk, Mono and Diglyceride and Soya Lecithin Emulsifiers, Artificial Color (titanium Dioxide), (Natural and Artificial Flavor), Cashews (Salt, Cottonseed Oil), and Butter Toffee Cashews (Sugar, Butter, Salt).

CHOCOLATE BRIDGE MIX- Assorted Dark and Milk Chocolate covered Raisins, Peanuts, Almonds, Cashews, Filberts, Pecans

Sesame Sticks, Cajun Peanuts, Hot Cajun Corn Sticks, Toffee Peanuts, Jalapeno

Dried Cherries, Roasted Almonds, Roasted Cashews, Semi Sweet Chocolate Sticks, Roasted Blanched Filberts (Hazelnuts)

FABULOUS 50 MIX- Delicate mix of Salted and Roasted Nuts of the 50’s

PRETZEL PRINCESS MIX- Snowflake Pretzels, Dark Chocolate Caramel Balls, Chocolate Nonpareils, Salted Blanched Almonds, Chocolate Batons

 Dark chocolate Caramel Balls, Reese’s Pieces, Toffee Peanuts, Salted Jumbos, Peanut Butter Chips, Pretzel Balls, Chocolate Batons

SWEEDISH FISH- Sugar, invert sugar, corn syrup, modified corn starch, citric acid, white mineral oil, natural and artificial flavor, red 40, carnauba wax.