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  • About the Wonderful Miss Christie :)​ She is amazing with our girls. She has renewed Abby's love for dance. I don't fight about going anymore. It's amazing. You were all so right about keeping her where she was and it did wonders for her self esteem. And Miss Christie was a very large part of that. We are all so thankful for what she does for our girls. We love her. And I will be sad for abby to leave her. 

  • ​​​I wanted to take quick minute to THANK YOU for the Zumba class last night.  I’d tried several Zumba classes in the past and at each class, I felt like I’d been thrown to the wolves!  The songs came on and it was “GO!”  No showing of steps before hand, no introductions, nothing.  I know those extra instructions/introductions take time and I know time is valuable, especially when it comes to a paid service.  However, that time, is what will keep someone like me coming back.  I never went back to the other three or four places I’d attempted a Zumba class at, but I will be back at yours!                                                                                                                                                                                                                You and your instructors kept me laughing – while I may not have smiled much, I was certainly laughing inside as I concentrated on where to put my two left feet next. By the way, I adore Blair’s yoga classes as well.  I’ve been to several already and make sure to mark the date in my calendar as soon as they pop up!